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torsdag 16 december 2010

'The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge'

Came across this article The Dangers Of Externalizing Knowledge, while learning (or memorizing) for our Leadership exam. It has an interesting take on one of our seminar topics – whether it’s no longer important to remember stuff (unable to recollect the exact wording :P)

The author’s worry is not the ‘short attention span’ or our ‘reliance on non-text media’, but the ‘stopping to value the accumulation of information within ourselves’. Quoting a couple of his thoughts:

“…GPS in cars is an advance party of this trend: every couple months we hear of some driver who has followed the GPS to the bottom of a lake, or used a highway as a walking path because it was labeled as such on their phone’s map…”

“We’ve gone from being intellectual predators to intellectual filter feeders, and soon I wonder whether we’ll even deserve that title”

Me/ think technology’s probably the reason for 9/11 too else we’d have had only a bunch of stone-pelters. On a more serious note, while his article is written to convince, I feel it has a touch of paranoia (probably expecting Black Swan events)
What do you think?

onsdag 1 december 2010

Social media art provocation

"Tired of ineffective democratic processes? - Discover the new click-democracy!"

Then you should check out the wonderful service/social media art project that I referred to in one of the seminar groups yesterday.

And while you're at it, do check out the Painstation too ("No pain no game").