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söndag 6 december 2009

lördag 5 december 2009

Robin's documentary?

Robin recommended a documentary about virtual worlds exactly a month ago on this blog. I presume the rights to watch it online at SVT play just expired. Does anyone know some other way to watch this documentary? I only saw the first 10-15 minutes but would like to see the rest...


onsdag 2 december 2009

Critique of Internet/Social Media

I came across this very enlightning and interesting article. It relates to what we talked about last week about critique od the Internet. I thought I might as well share it.


tisdag 1 december 2009

Facts about Social Media ! ?

Here I want to share two of my favorite videos about Social Media. They are definitely entertaining, however, I doubt the accuracy of the so-called "facts" here and there... I bet one could create a video in direct contrast, presenting "facts" that illustrate the complete oppositie - does anyone know something like that?