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tisdag 1 december 2009

Facts about Social Media ! ?

Here I want to share two of my favorite videos about Social Media. They are definitely entertaining, however, I doubt the accuracy of the so-called "facts" here and there... I bet one could create a video in direct contrast, presenting "facts" that illustrate the complete oppositie - does anyone know something like that?

3 kommentarer:

  1. I've seen "did you know" before (a previous version). It felt like nothing is left of what I saw at the time - that all the content is new. The video ends with:

    "Now that's convergence
    And now you know"

    Well, do you *know* (remember, have digested) anything? Or have you just been entertained for a few minutes with moving images, a drum beat and snippets of information? (Just to connect to the text by Nick Carr.)

    I think social media is great, but I personally feel these videos are a little bit to flashy, dazzling you with factoids but leaving you with little understandig of what social media is and how it works...

  2. I absolutely agree that these videos are rather entertaining than educating. However, I feel that the nature of Social Media itself is rather to entertain than to educate so the videos seem an appropriate way to deliver the "feeling" that Social Media creates. To me, social media is a buzz that cannot be put into monetary terms or statistics and is, thus, hard to explain in words. This is why I like the videos :-)

  3. You are right. I might show my own bias (that I share with Benkler). Some might call it elitist, but I don't see the point of social media if its sole and *only* is to be one more channel to entertain us better...