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fredag 13 november 2009

Why social media is needed

George Monbiot writes a scathing column about the poor job local newpapers do in Britain when it comes to representing the views of the people, of questioning power (the "watchdog" function of media), of creating original content (as apart for reproducing stuff from elsewhere) etc. To him, local newspapers deserve to die because the do such a poor job of doing what they are supposed to do in a democratic society:

"Like my colleagues, I mourn [the] death [of local newspapers]; unlike them I believe it happened decades ago. For many years the local press has been one of Britain’s most potent threats to democracy, championing the overdog, misrepresenting democratic choices, defending business, the police and local elites from those who seek to challenge them."

This perspective goes well together with Benklers arguements about why social media is good for society.

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