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onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Something entertaining for the evening.

That´s what a friend of mine posted to me via fb. It made me smile so you maybe will too.

so long


5 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks Martina.
    You're the best! Or at least the first. To post here ;-)

  2. Wow, it's been a *long* time since I last read a link-sharing blog post like this. With the advent of microblogging and social bookmarking, I guess they fell out of favor... or maybe it's just my aggressively filtering the content I track. :p

  3. Ok.

    So, what's your point? Or more the the point, what's your suggestion?

    I don't do microblogging for religious reasons (might explain in class/at a lecture at a later point). That doesn't need to stop you/others from doing so within the course, but I won't be there (neither writing or reading).

  4. Nothing much, I'm just trying to get a feeling of what this blog is going to be like, or rather what this year's students want it to be like; so I asked. It was a rather open-ended remark, really.

    Maybe I expected somebody to come and tell me how link-sharing on a blog is different from microblogging, or how she thinks we could use another medium, or maybe how this one is a better compromise, or...

    Actually, the comment was both related to the post and the content of the video. It's my way of asking: OK, so we've got that video link now, we've watched it, so what's next, or is that all? I'm not criticizing, I'm just asking, since we're here to discuss social media: how does this post and its link relate to you, who also use this blog? Or is this what we want it to be: an enjoyable video? After all, social media is what people make it to be.

    My (personal) thought was that, as a whole, it reminded me of that, of microblogging and bookmark-sharing. So I wrote it down.

    But maybe I'm just too thick-headed to take it as just a funny video, or maybe I could, and maybe I could tell you about how it reminds me of how I first discovered about Michael Jackson stage performance on a live of Beat It during the Bad era. But that's another topic. ;) In short, it's my contrived way of saying hello.

  5. Ok. Hello. ;-)

    I did take your previous comment to be critical. or sort-of critical. I could not exactly interpret what you wanted to say. But I "suspected" it was critical and did not really think that was the appropriate way to welcome the first student who dared to post something here...

    Well, I don't know how the blog will be used, or what other alternatives might emerge. It's an open questions and it will become what people make of it. I will anyway use this blog (as apart from the "official" channel) to publish info that could be of interest to course participants but that strictly speaking has nothing to do with the official content of the course. Like the lecture given at Sth U earlier today ( Hm, did someone go? If so, a comment about the lecture would be appreciated.

    Something like that.