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onsdag 24 november 2010

New device for social media

We may not only looking for or try to invent something new for the social media based on laptop or PC. We could think by jump out of the box. Why can't we design something new for social network or media that could replace or improve the PC?

Like a forum, or blog or facebook, there must be some brand new way that can totally change our life like years ago facebook changed us.

Check this.

Also, there is a new device called "ippi" that just invented by Swedes, this so called "enlarged cell phone as large as you want" device really be loved by senior people. It is divided into two parts. One is called the basement, which is connected to TV screen, and with a sim card and SD card, like a cell phone without screen. The other part is a remoter. When SMS comes in, it bling blings, you can just read it on your TV screen by simply press the button on the remoter!

This is a brand new device not only for senior people obviously. it is really convenience and may someday replace the fixed phone.

Check this out:

It's in Swedish, because it is only sold in Sweden right now. Even you can not find in other Nordic countries.

But really brilliant!

/Xiaoyi Liu

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