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torsdag 4 november 2010

Twitter revolutions (Thu Nov 11)

Twitter Revolutions? Addressing Social Media and Dissent
Christian Christensen
Professor of Media & Communications Studies, Department of Informatics and Media, Uppsala University
Stockholm University, Thu Nov 11 (13.00-16.00), Dept. of political science, room F702

In this seminar, I will take a particular geo-political event – namely the Iranian elections of June 2009 – and discuss the ways in which the use of social media before, during and after these elections can point us in the direction of a number of “trends and research challenges” in relation to such media. In short, I would like to link the events in Iran from last summer to three specific trends (and challenges) for researchers: (1) to problematize and critically analyze what are called “Techno-Utopian” and “Techno-Dystopian” discourses in relation to social media; (2) to consider the affordances and materialities of social media in relation to what Cresswell has labeled Sedentarist and Nomadic Metaphysics; (3) to use the recent events in Iran as a springboard for re-thinking and re-theorizing what is meant by terms such as “political speech” and “acts of dissent,” and to do so with an eye toward what Downing called, “internationalizing media theory.”

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