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tisdag 29 november 2011

The Future of Books

As we often discussed the topic of books in their value today and the question whether it was necessary for them to become more interactive, this youtube video on "The future of the book" seemed really interesting. This new technology introduces new ways of interacting with books and gives reading a whole new level e.g. by enabling people to interact in novels or by giving analysis on books, showing how often these are cited, how relevant they are in the area of expertise and how reliable the source may be. Just check it out.

1 kommentar:

  1. Some ideas I love, others I'm more hesitant about. What if Coupland shows that people don't read books in your company? :-)

    This anyway ties in to our last guest lecturer (Dec 9) who will talk about "social reading" and about his start-up. See a 4 minute Fast Company interview/video with his friend/co-founder/former KTH student Henrik Berggren here ( Do note the picture near the end with Jorge Zapico (previous guest lecturer) in it.