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måndag 28 november 2011


I just found this video were employees talked about the development of Google as a search engine. I found it actually very interesting as it is related to our last seminar. What would we do without Google?

In the video they are mentioning that the search engine developed in the way users were asking for it. Furthermore, they mentioned their search algorithms and when they became better it was possible to personalize the search results to the users. Of course they were not mentioning how it works and what information is actually hidden from us.

Finally, after watching the short film Google seems to be the bester search engine so far. Well, I guess everything as advantages and disadvantages. I am curious about the Star Trek Google version...probably it isn't that far in the future since Siri seems to be a big success. However, I also post one of my favorite jokes about Google and what they are able to do!

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