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lördag 19 november 2011

Language in social media

I recently noticed an article that I thought would be appropriate to post and mention. It is about the use of social media and if the way we write online (with informal use of language) might hurt the way today's youth write texts in school. This article seems somewhat related to what Pernilla spoke about in her lecture, where social media nowadays is used more in school purposes.

The conclusion was that the use of slang in our use of social media does not hurt the way we write in school. Instead, it shows that people have no problem with changing the type of language depending on the task. Social media might help us and make us learn new ways of writing, that fits certain situations. The article brings up that senior citizens write exactly the same way no matter the situation (wether in an article or on Facebook), which can make it hard to read sometimes. I.e. on Twitter where it might be a lot easier to read a short message written concise and with some slang.
Are there any other pros or cons regarding the use of social media in school purposes (in the way we write, speak or behave)?

The article is in Swedish and was posted in Dagens Nyheter.

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