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lördag 12 november 2011

Online donation

After the last seminar I tried to find an article I read a couple of days before about a new online donation conception, but I wasn't able to recall the device I read it on or the language it was written, so I failed... However I still remember the basics of it, so here it is:

- the websites (and I think it was mostly a music industry related idea) can put the donation site's button to their pages
- people have to register once on the donation site
- they can choose a fix monthly budget (there's a minimum budget though, 10 bucks or something like that)
- then they can just browse the web, and if they see something they want to donate for, they click on the button
- in the end of the month the donation site equally divides the money among all of those who got a click from a certain person and send it to their bank accounts

- if you choose the minimum budget and then click a lot, the artist practically don't get anything, just a couple of cents

+ very easy and fast concept: register once, then you don't have to type credit card information and other details every time (which for most of the people would practically mean that you don't give donations at all, because it requires too much energy)
+ I think it's quite common that you give someone a donation, then some days or weeks later someone else finds you, and even if you really like this other project, you feel that you already used the part of your budget you can or want to spend on things like this
+ even if you're donation turns out to be a very small amount for one artist, it's still something they wouldn't get other way

what do you think? could this work with services like Spotify?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I guess that would be Flattr ("social micropayments"). A great idea if they only get a critical mass of sites adding a Flattr button and users willing to donate/Flattr their favorite sites... I think the concept is great and hope it takes off...

    Here's a two minute long movie that explains the concept:

  2. yeah, that was it. :) thanks, it really annoyed me that I couldn't find the article again...