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måndag 21 november 2011

Participation and crowd-sourcing

Here is a nice example of how the participation of consumers can be leveraged by companies and brands in the networked information economy:

Through "Genius Crowds" they create products designed by the consumers for the consumers. I think crowd-sourcing is a really good approach to use social media and the web to get feedback, ideas and critique directly from the consumers and get in touch with them.
What is your take on crowd-sourcing? Would you participate in such product development platforms?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Crowdsourcing product design? Really? That's like hiring Homer Simpson to design a car. Whatever they come up with, one thing is for sure: it's gonna have *everything* in it.

  2. Here are some examples I thought of:

    Of course with crowd-sourcing you might run the risk of getting a non-marketable product or Homer's car that has everything in it (sadly I couldn't find the correspondin Simpsons clip). But still I think it's worth trying.