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fredag 4 november 2011

Rumors about google music

Google Music is a cloud based service that allows users to store their own music on Google's servers (the cloud) and then listen to it from different devices (at the moment only available in the USA). It's not a huge surprise that Google thinks about adding an iTunes-like shop system to this service but as per this article Google also plans a social component for this service. It should be possible to borrow the music you bought to friends for a limited time via Google+.

Since the author doesn't name any sources for that rumor we can't really be sure whether there is anything true in it but I find the idea interesting, especially because I can imagine that the music labels might be inclined to accept that kind of free sharing as it can be compared to borrowing cds or cassettes to friends (as described in the article).

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  1. There is currently an event going on where google is talking about that service. Live on youtube:

  2. Since it's already over, here is a live ticker from the event:

    Basically it is what the rumors in the above link was about. A music shop within the android market and the possibility to share purchased music with friends on google+ (friends can listen once to a shared song)...
    Interesting! But sad that it's only available in the US :-(