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tisdag 8 november 2011

Shut down of Social Media during riots

Recent riots in Great Britain are known to have been fueled by social media. Now a survey revealed, that over two-thirds of the Brits would support the shutdown of social networks during riots. They also agree, that the government should be able to access the information of social media users to prevent orchestrated crime. I find it very shocking, that the public would give the government so much power and let them restrict the feedom of expression in such a way.
What is your opinion on the closing down social media networks during social unrests?

1 kommentar:

  1. I think it's all very interesting how restrictions in people's possibilities to express themselves or gather in public places that is practices by governments "over there" (say, in Syria right now for example) is despicable - but ok for governments "over here" to do.

    When people protest in Libya, it's a testament to freedom-loving people's quest for a better, more open society. But when people protest in Greece, Spain, or Ireland, it quickly becomes a threat to society and to European unity and is equally quickly denounced. How come?