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onsdag 30 november 2011

Social Media Revolution 2011

Here's an update with figures from 2011 of Eik Qualmans' "Social Media Revolution":

There are some new numbers and predictions for the future. After the lecture today and the readings for this week these developments might not all be considered good, but it shows the global impact of Social Media on the people who can access the internet. Especially sectors like virtual goods show how deeply involved we are in this new world. Daniel also spoke about how much time we spend online and in virtual worlds, that brought me back to the story that was mentioned in one of the articles "The Machine Stops" and made me think of other examples of a world like this in "Matrix". I don't think we're that far yet, at least not most people and I don't think Internet and Social Media will ever be able to replace personal contact, relationships and life in the real world. What is your take on this? Where do you see our life in 20 years for example?

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