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måndag 21 november 2011

Social Media Services Overload

I really like this comic strip which touches on the subject we discussed during this week’s guest lecture with Pernilla - the problem that we often need to use so many social media services that we can’t keep track of them all. In the lecture we discussed this problem in the E-teaching context - we students now have so many effective, totally comprehensive platforms that they simply stop being effective. If all teachers just used one of the platforms either one would be fine. But when some teachers use the course homepage, some Bilda, some KTH Social, some a separate homepage, some use 2 different blogs =), some email most information, and the majority use a combination of 3 or 4 of these ways of getting information to the students, the advantages of having the most effective path of communication for each separate message are lost to the disadvantage of too many paths. And by the way, isn’t this really a “social media tool”-related extension of the babel objection phenomenon? Anyway, in my opinion, this strip kind of describes why there always will be so many social media services out there..

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  1. Yeah, I agree, it sucks that not all teachers use Bilda + two blogs instead of all those other crappy tools :-)

    I guess the current idea is that all teachers should use KTH social, but it doesn't have the functionality I want - so what should I do? Suggestions?