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torsdag 24 november 2011

Etiquette in social networks

Couple of days ago I had a chat on facebook with my friend (he is from Idia, but it is not relevant information). We were discussing something usual like weather in different countries. Than I got offline because I was writing an important e-mail and used facebook just for fun in parallel with my main task.

But my friend attacked me with a pile of questions - "What's up?", "Why did you go offline so unexpectedly?".

I don't equate a texting in social network to a normal conversation in real life where usual rules of etiquette (like greeting and farewell, not leaving questions unanswered) are essential. I think that talking in networks is a sort of "ersatz conversation" where you are not restricted by frameworks of place and time. But my Indian friend finds it weird.

What do you think about etiquette in social networks' conversations? Are the rules of etiquette the same in real talks and in virtual ones?

2 kommentarer:

  1. I'm on the same line as you Olga. I think that my social media conversations (like a Facebook-conversation) isn't a real conversation therefor I do not use the same rules of etiquette, because I myself doesn't really expect someone else to do it.

  2. No, I'm used in the opposite way, just because I'm too used to do it in the real life...This happens especially with my closest friends as we use this conversations to keep in touch when we're far away, so it's like having a sort of real conversation...of course I know that people are different from each other so it's not a problem if sometimes the etiquette has been "changed" a bit.