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tisdag 22 november 2011

Twitter more...and live forever!

I found this a very interesting use of social media for the future. Hopefully you will think so to!

In this TED video, Adam Ostro explains how it will be possible to live on as a digital persona after you have died in real life. Simply by using all of your contributions to social media combined with some smart data mining. It could be possible to create a digital you that can live on on-line.

If you are curious as to what you digital persona might post on twitter based on your current status updates, check it out here. I do not have a very active twitter-life, but I would like to know whether these predictions resemble your own in any way..

2 kommentarer:

  1. My reaction:

    - Is this good (desirable) or bad?
    - Aren't there enough tweets already? Do we need to add tweets of dead persons to those of the living?

    It also reminds me of the function of forgetting - if you remembered everything, your head would be overloaded with a big pile of useless stuff best forgotten.

    PS. Haven't seen the TEDtalk - I have realized that during the course, I only have time to see shorter videos.

  2. Personally for me it sounds quite creepy. From my point of view, this is crossing the line, which should not be crossed. Losing your beloved ones is already painful enough. And are we really need to keep this pain alive by seeing/hearing some artificial copy of our closest ones?
    I can understand saying/writing the last message on behalf of passed ones, as saying goodbye, but nothing else.
    It's definitely not only a question of useless/excess information but also a huge ethical dilemma.