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torsdag 17 november 2011


In this short video, Massimo Marchiori introduces tha last fruit of its work, available by the end of the year: Volunia, a new service that seems a search engine (like Google) but promises to be totally different.

In this article (unfortunately in italian, sorry), it is presented as one of the results that will lead to the new frontier of the Web, the Semantic Web.

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  1. The video and the site don’t say much about what this is about.

    I think it will be hard to outrival Google. The writers Briggs and Burke say in their book “Social History Of The Media - From Gutenberg to the Internet” that new mediums often are monopolized by someone in the beginning. [1] For example the text was monopolized by monks. Radio and movies was propagandized (and monopolized) during the wars.

    I question myself if someone has the monopoly of the internet today, and if: then who? We have two big service providers on the internet today: Facebook and Google. Google has more than 528 million visitors each day. [2]

    I think these big services may have a big influence on us and if they would they could affect us a lot. Maybe they have some kind of control (and monopoly) of the medium internet?

    1: Social History Of The Media - From Gutenberg to the Internet, Asa Briggs and Peter Burke, 2010