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fredag 11 november 2011

What Facebook Is For

Here is a short animated video about what Facebook is for.

I find both funny and creepy the definition of Facebook as "a massively multi-player online role-playing game (funny part) whose objective is to collect "friends" (creepy part)".

Watching it made me think:

1) Will it ever be possible to think even at real life as a "multi-player role-playing game"?

2) The list of "People From The Past": if some people stopped communicating with someone on purpose (nothing in common), why having them as 'friends'? The fact that being on Facebook is the only point in common looks so sad.

3 kommentarer:

  1. 1) Yes. This is what Jane McGonigal has worked on for several years, or rather, she is trying to make like more into a MMO since life obviously (?) is so much worse designed than an MMO. As chronicled in her new book, "Reality is broken".

    2) Yes, but here is something I think about. What if you re-connect with your high school friends (who might or might not live in the same country). Is that purely good, or is there something that is bad too? Aren't you conserving the past if you start to look back (to old friends) more than you look forward (making new friends). Will it not make us more conservative, less interested in who is around as (now!) rather than who we spent time with in the past. Or is it the other way around; it gives us comfort and security so that we can move on in our lives?

    From the movie; spending time on the Pointless Internet Argument Forum :-)

  2. 2) I think that the difference is whether those people are actual "friends" (so that it's true we want to feel safe and comfortable while looking around now) or just people who you met in the past for some specific reason, living together some kind of "experience" (at work, a party or whatever) but after that "experience" is over your roads are done apart again.

    PS Does the Pointless Internet Argument Forum really exist? I've been trying and google it, but nothing

  3. Yes, the Pointless Internet Argument Forum exists. It changes name sometimes, but I've seen it like a million different times but still can't recall the address at the moment...