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fredag 9 december 2011

Democratizing Effects

Last week, we had a guest lecture about the allegedly democratizing effects of social media. I found an article that I think is relevant for this subject. It is about the use of social media and its influence on the recent uprising in Egypt.

The article claims that social media tools like Facebook and Twitter made an opportunity for activists and viewers to communicate, coordinate and document the protests against the Murbarak regime.

I like the conclusion in the article, that social media did not make all of this happen but that it brought everything to a head much sooner.

Here is the article:

/Simon Enström

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  2. There are good arguments on both sides.

    However, isn't it a little strange that we care that much about what "E.B. Boyd is's Silicon Valley reporter" has to say about things that happens in Egypt? I would bet that chances are that Boyd has never *been* to Egypt in the first place so what, really, can he know about the role of social media in the Egyptian uprising?