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torsdag 8 december 2011

The "four generations" theory

On the Lecture about e-learning Pernilla talked about the "Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants" and their perspective over social media technologies.

Actually it was the first time I have heard this definition. In Brazil it is still very common to use the "four generation theory", from the authors William Strauss and Neil Howe, while describing different characteristics of this new generation x the previous ones, specially into companies, that need to figure out the profile and needs of their new employees/work force.

These images bellow taken from this article are very interesting to understand the major differences of the generations, although the theory is from 1997.

Besides being based over American history I consider it very similar over the context we live today in lots of countries.

From what I could observe there are many researches being made over the technology impacts on different generations, but none can be irrefutable, once the time you were born does not certainly predicts the way you interact with technology, it might also vary a lot depending on cultural, social, and economic aspects.

The digital natives theory is one of the recent ones, launched in 2001 by Marc Prensky, but it became more famous only in 2007 and since then is being challenged and discussed.

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