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onsdag 7 december 2011


As our Rich Picture group area was infographics, I've come across quite a few interesting ones the last weeks. A popular topic for these seem to be social media and their networks. Here are some of my favourites:
Many are thoughtworthy and quite funny, but as with many infographics their sources of information are sometimes poorly stated or suspicious.

I've also come across some other interesting visualizations of networking in general. Lots of information, easy on the eyes

2 kommentarer:

  1. Since I am a part of the infographic poster group I of course appriciate the concept of using info graphics to express your thoughts or display facts in an interesting way but we didn't talk much in the report of the subject of source criticism. The wow-factor is playing an important role when creating these graphics, and I think that can make the creators exaggerate a lot of facts.

    Also, the information presented is almost always very biased, clearly taking a side in the debate. So even though we made this project and advocated the use of infographic, I recommend that you look on them with critical eyes!

    /Olle Westerlund

  2. The guru in the area or visualizing information is Edward Tufte who has written a series of (really beautiful) books about it like "The visual display of quantative information" and "Envisioning information".

    So, his argument is that graphics can be great. But they can also be deceptive. Like statistics which can be used both to clarify and to obfuscate.