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onsdag 7 december 2011

It's not about the money, money, money

Pargman quoted today about a research over what motivates people, which to me seemed the same research Fredrik, the teacher from the Leadership course (students from the Media Technology Program, like me, are taking) quoted over one of his first Lectures as well.
I don't know if the theory they have seen is this one, from Daniel Pink, author of the book Drive, but anyway I think this two videos, I coincidentally have sent some friends one month ago, are worthy sharing.

The focus of this research Pink talks about was to find out what motivates people.
Something very interesting they found is that after a person consider having the money "need" fulfilled, earning more money won't make one dedicate more over something. 

Other point the research focus is that once the task is mechanical reward with money works. On the other hand if the task is cognitive (demands deep thinking), it is the contrary, the larger the reward the worst the performance.

Ok. Then why companies keep this rewarding money system, once it is scientifically proved it does not work?
Would this be related to what motivates us over sharing something over social networks?
The storytelling video is quick and gives a idea of this concept.
The TED is a bit longer, but I think it's worthy.

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