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måndag 5 december 2011

Yochai Benkler: ”Is not utopia, is about faster vs slower innovation”

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to listen to Yochai Benkler at Internetdagarna (The Internet days), an annual conference on Internet-related issues, organized by .SE, the organization responsable for the top domain .se. in Sweden.

Mr. Benkler talked about innovation and open source technologies. First, he proposed that competition between similar technologies is depending on the capital required. Today, working with open technologies has become a strategic move for companies in the industry, such as Google and IBM, for example, who sponsor free software development; "And if they are not totally open, they are collaborating with other technologies, companies, sharing".

But what I found most interesting in Benkler´s lecture was his view on knowledge and its relation to innovation. Knowledge as a process, a process that can´t be own nor restricted, because it is "sticky" (it sticks to others) and results in "spillovers" (when it benefits to others).

Innovation in today´s corporate world implies taking this uneven process into account, creating organizations, organizational cultures and technical platforms that have flow, that are permeable, generous and non hierarchical: ”Is not utopia, is about faster vs slower innovation”.

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