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tisdag 17 november 2009

World Builder

Here is the video we talked about in today’s seminar. Apparently, I was wrong in saying ‘everybody’ has seen it. Well then,…feast your eyes!

3 kommentarer:

  1. It's a great movie. I especielly like the interface when he builds, I wonder how it works? Where do I buy one?

    Also, I wonder in which context the movie was made? Is he in film school? It seems to be a little bit too complex and too much work to just do this "for fun".

  2. Don't think they have them in the stores yet but may be it won't be too long now. I have come across speculations about similar technology else where.

    It wasn't for fun for sure. Apperently, these are called 'independent short' films and a lot of people are doing it (Including Pixar). Not sure how the money comes in though.

    This page got a lot of info:

  3. Thank your for this post. It is great. I like the story of the film. Here is another about the world builder - behind the scenes (