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tisdag 17 november 2009

YouTube Celebrity

In today’s seminar someone asked for an example of a social media created celebrity, that is, a situation in which a star was born and bred outside the domains of industrial information economy. I think this one could be one (may be not a very good one but one no less).

The person goes by the name of LisaNova and writes, acts and produces nonsense, comedy sketches for YouTube. With over 160,000 subscribers, her channel is currently the 40th most viewed on YouTube. She was later recruited by MADtv as a featured role player.

Here's my personal favorite -

3 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, it was actually funny (or tragic?). As a self-confessed Twitter non-user, this film captures my doubts and my reasons for why I keep away from Twitter. I'm just not that interested in what my friends are doing Right Now...

  2. Funny, funny! :)

    other exampels of people that have got famous after publishing on You Tube are Mia Rose (singer) and Kristofer Ström (AD?)

  3. Keeping away is a good idea. Once in, these things never leave, like my cell phone and Facebook...I should have dumped them ages ago. Now its just too late. :(