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tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Lecture at Sth. University about (social) media and political life

Political science professor Lance Bennet will hold an installation lecture at Stockholm University on October 29 (13.00-15.00 in lecture hall D9), "Political life in late modern society: Communication, citizenship and participation in a time of institutional decline". Although the title doesn't say anything about (social) media, they play a prominent role in his lecture.
Here is an invitation (poster) and this is part of what he will talk about (full text here):

"[...] as society becomes organized around flexible social networks dominated by lifestyle and consumer values. The emerging order is organized through communication technologies that operate largely outside conventional mass media systems. These changes are accompanied by a new politics of lifestyle values shared across social networks


This transformation of citizen identity and political relationships leads to creative uses of information and communication technologies to organize collective action in the now familiar transnational networks that address increasingly interrelated and complex aspects of environment, trade and economic justice, human and labor rights, and corporate power and responsibilities."

I have heard Lance talk before and I think the lecture will be very interesting. I will unfortunately not have the opportunity to attend myself but hope some of you will go.

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