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tisdag 15 november 2011

How Occupy Wall Street Is Building Its Own Internet

Here is an interesting article on how the Occupy Wall Street Movement is trying to create their own Internet:

What do you think about such approaches separating themselves from the rest of the web?

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  1. "When their work is done, the pair hope to have created a decentralized peer-to-peer network that provides discounted Internet access across the country, via what is known as a mesh network."

    It's what Benkler predicted/hoped for.
    It's an interesting experiment.
    Is it something else? Is it the beginning of a new movement? That's hard to see right now based on only four towers/access points.

    Also, would it be an "alternative to the Internet" (a separate, parallel network) or rather (only) an "alternative to ISPs" (an alternative way to connect to the Internet? I didn't get that.