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måndag 14 november 2011

PhD ("Piled Higher and Deeper")

Some of us will be PhD students in the next years. Therefore the PhD Comics and the movie can maybe be a nice and funny introduction to the life as a PhD student.

"The film introduces audiences to the unique and funny culture of Academia and follows four graduate students (Cecilia, Mike, Tajel and the “Nameless Grad Student”) as they struggle to find balance between research, teaching and their personal lives with humor and heart."

I post it, because there are free screenings in Stockholm during the next weeks!
  • 11/16 Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) - Live Q&A with Jorge and star Alexandra Lockwood!
  • 11/17 Stockholm University (Frescati: Aula Magna - 18:00) Info
  • 11/24 Stockholm University (Kista: Sal A, Forum - 17:00) Info

1 kommentar:

  1. Well, I can't go see the movie, but these comics highlights are great for primarily aimed at the niche audience of people who are, or has done a Ph.D. (or who aims to do one).