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söndag 13 november 2011

Presentations in the age of social media

Here is some good advice on how to capture the attention of twitter-addicts :-)

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  1. "Puns, sound bites and pithy phrases are [also] ways to aid in retention"

    Perhaps. But perhaps doing two things at the same time distracts you from doing any one of them excellently? We'll actually touch on that point in next week's readings.

    Virtual Reality pioneer Jaron Lanier asks his audience to concentrate fully on what he has to say when he talks as an "experiment in alternate consciousness."

    Well, seriously, I have a lot of problems with the text or also the underlaying premises that these seven rules are supposed to solve. Unfortunately it would take to much to time to develop my argument here. I've take a note and that text is a possible topic for a blog post on my academic blog (at a later point in time).

  2. I also share the opinion, that you can't concentrate on both mediums at the same time or at least not over a longer period of time.
    I just came back from Good Morning 2011 the main event of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and was surrounded by as well as part of this Twitter audience. It really depends on the speaker if he is able to draw the attention of the crowd to his presentation/speech or not. Today I've seen the use of Twitter parallel to the talks not as a diversion, but as a form of participation and feedback. Like stated in our current course literature for the audience it isn't enough to just simply sit there and listen, they want to participate, ask questions and give feedback to the speaker. If they put their device away after tweeting or not depends in my opinion on the speaker. As a speaker I think you shouldn't just accept the fact that you're losing your audience, but try to create a talk they don't want to miss.
    And of those talks we had a lot today, here's the program and I hope you guys have the chance to catch up on some of those talks through videos later on: