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torsdag 3 november 2011


This summer Google launched a social network to try to compete with facebook and its called Google+. You've probably all heard of it and by what i know it hasn't gone to well. I myself got it a couple of months ago but i almost never use it. I can't really say what the reason for my inactivity is tho but it just lacks content in my opinion. The thing for me with facebook that i enjoy most is probably the feed with stories and is the reason why i'm logged in more then just sporadicaly. Since very few of my friends uses Google+ in the same amount of time as facebook i don't get that content that gets me hooked.

Anyways, to the news i had, maybe some of you already seen it but Google have finally integrated YouTube into Google+ which of course is a plan to get the users to stay longer and share videos with other users. I think this function is great but it gonna take more measures to get me hooked.

Here are two blogposts that i found about the news:

I also found an article about why you should switch from facebook to google+ but i still aint convinced.

Is there anyone who is hooked already on Google+ or what are your thoughts of it? Will it eventually replace facebook?

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  1. I also have the same history with Google+, being there for months, but the shift everybody expected didn't happen so far.
    For me Google+ is something between Twitter and facebook, but to replace facebook I'm missing the social component and most of my friends in the network. I think we're experiencing Google+ in a really early stage and I think there are enough innovations in the drawers of Google that will get us hooked again for Google+. I for one really like the idea of circles and how you can arrange them, but there is still enough space for improvements.

  2. This "critical mass" thing is really a drag for new contenders.

    I can recommend an old but great text by Jonathan Grudin called "Groupware and social dynamics: Eight challenges for developers".

    It's available as pdf from ACM (my guess is that students can access it from KTH's network) or as html here:

  3. I think what Jonas said today about Orkut a while ago is pretty much true for g+ today.
    It's mostly used by it geeks.
    Only a very small percentage of the people in my circles make up for a very high percentage (actually it's 100% at the moment) of my stream and that's the geeks...
    And I don't just see their lonely posts but I see a lot of comments and sharing going on. That way G+ for me caught up to twitter as a source for news and information in that "geeky" area...

  4. I personally have Google+ account too. To me, it is still too early to say if it is going to make it as Facebook or even better in the end. However, i noticed that the existence of Google+ has put some sort of pressure on Facebook to be busier on improving its own service. This is a good side of competition. Google+ has also started to provide more services. It now lets businesses to set up shop on its social network according to news report today (;cnetRiver). I do not know for sure what this would add more value for the time beings, but I am sure that they are trying to work on improving its social network, which would be in the benefit of social media users in the end.