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fredag 18 november 2011

To this baby, a magazine is a broken iPad

Pernilla referred to this short video at todays lecture.

"a child introduced to the iPad at a young age, exposed to its various delights of light and sound, unable to comprehend a magazine. The video shows that this 1-year-old baby, after being introduced to an iPad, has become trained by its (admittedly elegant) user interface to repeatedly try and use a glossy magazine the same way.

4 kommentarer:

  1. That is really interesting and the discussion you can see in the comment section is worth to think about. Also the statistics Pernilla showed about people starting using internet when they are three. How is this going to effect the society in the future? I'm not sure where i'm going with this but i can't help to think that this use of technology early in a persons life must have a some sort of effect on how they perceive things when they get older.

  2. We'll touch on those issues with next week's readings (will be published on Wednesday at the latest)

  3. On my opinion, it's scary, not cute at all.
    I'm not a child psychologist but I think that if a child beginning from such a young age used to get information not from surrounding real world but from a screen, it will really affect his/her future way of thinking. At least a person will be more narrow-minded, more helpless in new situations, dependent on gadпets. And of course such experience will not make him/her smarter or more intelligent.

    Maybe it's too old-fashioned but I even believe, that children can live without using computer until they are 10-11 years old when they really can use it for more efficient education. And they won't lose anything in their development (maybe even get something...). Yes, I'm very old-fashioned...

    By the way, I think that so called "kidults" are also a product of technologies to some extent.

  4. Actually, something is wrong with Pernilla's presentation which is uploaded on Bilda. The slides are too small, it's impossible to read them. Maybe on my laptop only?
    Anybody else has such problem?