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lördag 3 december 2011

Klout Score Anxiety

I found the klout-score very interesting from the guest lecture and did some research. To me its seems extreme to base your social media life on a high Klout-score, but maybe its the next step in this social media trend. Here is a rather humorous and interesting article. Time to have your Klout-score in your E-mail signature?

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  1. Here is a funny passage from that touches on both Klout AND Obama :) A comparison of Robert Scoble (Social Media Guru) and the President's activity on Google+:

    "The Klout Score doesn’t mean that Robert Scoble is more influential in the world than Obama. It currently means that Mr. Scoble is using social media more effectively to drive more actions from his networks. In addition to have a very strong Twitter presence, Scoble has taken to Google+, amassing 730k comments and 730k Reshares in the past 90 days. In the same period, Barack Obama only received 530k and 470k Retweets and Mentions. This is one of the great things about social media, a normal person can out engage the President of the United States and build the power to activate an incredibly powerful network."

  2. I also considered Klout very interesting and while searching more about it I reached this blog post within 6 tools to measure social influence.
    It appears to the author of the post that Twylah is even better than Klout, because it doesn't only go for number of retweets, and followers, and trending topics, it goes for the context of your retweet, for example.

    Here is the link for the post:

  3. Personally I feel taking things like Klout scores too seriously is about as dangerous as staring at the sun. I'm not saying you'll go blind but you run the risk of losing touch with what you actually are (or worse, should be) doing.

  4. This is a comment not just about Klout, but it rather makes fun of all social media services with their goofy-sounding made up terms (like "Klout score").