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måndag 5 december 2011

The lifecycle of this blog

I realize that thiscourse, is going towards it´s end … and the probability that you contribute to the subject social media technologies, in the form of a blog post to this particular blog, dramatically will decrease as soon as the weekend is here. Due to this, I still want to share some of my thoughts concerning the lifecycle of this blog.

After talking to some of my ex-student (at other universities), who nowadays are working in different media companies, I started to contemplate information sharing in courses. Some of these students have reconnected with me; just to ask whether there is a possibility for them to maintain the login to different system, just to get “inside-information” about what is happening right now. Out of curiosity I often ask what's driving them to ask that question, and if they don’t use their common filters to gain information? Often the students reflect on how far behind the companies are (this of course differs between companies) regarding implementation and well as thoughtful use of different social media technologies. So for them, keeping up with (lurking in) course blogs is a way to stay one step before…

Maybe… this can be worth considering, as Saturday soon will be here and the stream of notifications will drop as the course will end for this semester. Until next fall the activity might be close to zero, but then there will be new students reading Social Media Technologies..

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  1. I can add that last year's students had permission to write up until the start of this course. Then I threw them out to make space for the current crop of students (there can only be 100 authors of a blog). But I presume some lurk and read (some) of what's published here - just like Nhat who suddenly commented to a blog post only a few days back (

    In fact, I believe that most of the followers are previous students rather than current although it is of course impossible to know how many actually follow/read the blog.